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       22138ACOM太阳 位于美丽的苏中城市泰州市,公司占地面积约3000平方米,现有员工30人。公司继承了原姜堰市大华工具厂的 三十余年的生产经验,紧跟市场步伐,致力于生产更加专业的各类水泵钳、 管子钳、扳手。公司拥有400吨铸造流水线,金加工流水线,年产各类水 泵钳可达120万把。公司技术力置雄厚,质量控制严格,产品严格按照 ISO标准生产,各项指标均达到或超过ISO标准要求,通过德国GS检测机 构测试。产品全部销往欧洲、南美、东南亚等地,受到客户的广泛认可。
      公司坚持“诚信为本”的经营宗旨,“品质第一,服务至上”的企业理念, 愿与各界朋友共同携手,开创工具行业的新篇章!
Taizhou xinrun metal products co., LTD. Is located in taizhou city, a beautiful city in central jiangsu province. The company inherits more than 30 years of production experience of the original jiangyan city dahua tool factory, and keeps up with the pace of the market and devotes itself to producing more professional various kinds of pump pliers, pipe pliers and wrenches. The company has 400 tons casting line, gold processing 
line, annual output of various pump pliers up to 1.2 million. The company has strong technical force, strict quality control, and the products are produced in strict accordance with ISO standards. All the indicators meet or exceed the ISO standards and are tested by German GS testing institute. All the products are sold to Europe. South America, southeast Asia and other places, which are widely recognized by customers.
Adhering to the business tenet of "honesty first" and the enterprise concept of "quality first and service first", the company is willing to work together with friends from all walks of life to open a new chapter in the too) industry.

专业生产水泵钳、管子钳 、扳手等金属制品。

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